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Filtering files and directories in zend studio projects

Zend Studio adds some files and directories to every project. I have no problem with that, but I don’t wish to see these files. You can add an exclude filter in the project properties (richtclick an open project).

The default view (showing all files)

Right click the project and then click ‘properties’.

The settings under resource >resource filters

Click the add button.

Add the regex rule to exclude every folder/file that starts with a dot

If you do all this you should get the following result.

Filtered results

Do note that for some strange reason the ‘.project’ file will always be shown. Probably some internal reason, but I couldn’t find why that is.

Type hinting for objects

In Spoon I fetch my form elements in this way that it’s impossible for the library to provide the correct type hinting. You can fix this yourself by doing:

/* @var $txtEmail SpoonTextField */
$txtEmail = $this->frm->getField(‘email’);